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Father Flame
Father Flame
A flame cannot be contained,
Yet my potential was still restrained,
I was always afraid to put my everything, into one thing,
I made that realization and put all my soul, all of me, into one ring.
Not even a year later I found myself to be a father,
I discovered how much I could love one woman, that being thy mother,
And now know a more unconditional, pure, love for you, my daughter,
Then I noted to myself that all I ever longed for was to be man with responsibilities, to be a man that is a role model to you and my younger brother.
My flame has become many titles,
A Wildfire, A Passionate Flame, A tender flame, A father flame, all of them almost sound like a residual,
But if you ask me they sound more like a revival,
A flame that will never be rivaled.
My flame has become brighter,
My spirit, my soul has become a fighter,
Now that I know my aim nothing will stop me from rising higher,
Nothing will stop me from coming home and holding you both tighter.
Love is the best gift
:iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 1 1
A Key to the Heart
A wise man once said that the world is our stage,
But our mindset, our body, our attitudes are our cage,
We wait till the last breath to realize the beauty in life regardless of our age,
We sit idle in time not even realizing in the end we are reading our own book; but in life we do not take notice to the words we have wrote on these pages.
We live our whole life searching for purpose,
It is like reading a book and only paying attention to the verbiage,
It is like spending our whole life drowning in the ocean not even attempting to breath the air on the surface,
To sum it up we search for the complexities instead of living for the simple things like providing smiles upon beautiful faces.
Life is our story,
Every moment should be our glory,
With every story comes a plot, a scene where we cannot help but worry,
Our lost souls find guilt easily but neglect the apologetic word of sorry.
Shoot for love and find it in your own cove,
For love is a shared canvas between artists trying to draw
:iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 3 5
Trialed by Flame
Trialed by flame,
Emotional scars are all that remain,
Fighting the war that conflicts the body and brain,
Yet the days go by the same, but I disappear like the mist in the rain.
My world is about to change,
Happiness comes in a variety of ranges,
I contemplate my life before you and it all seems strange,
For my wife, and my daughter are the reason I smile and my life seems managed.
I vowed to thee that I love thee to the end of time,
I retract that statement, because my love will outlast time for my love is confessed in every poetic line,
My love will retire thy insecurities, and create more comfort with each rhyme,
For if I ever lost you I would travel the world, go back in time, even commit a crime to have you stay with me, because with you my vision of the future is never blind.
You and I created a family,
A baby, a crest, a dog is all we need to live happily,
Hardships will sail by but our love was preset at birth internally,
For eons to come, ages to go, our names whether in this
:iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 2 5
Romance Opportunities Unfold
Love is in the air,
I can feel it in your stare,
When i brush your hair,
Other people see the light when we spark our flare.
Life is ours to disguise,
Ours to never deprive,
Ours to thrive,
We take and create it in our own stride.
We sit here and take our veiw at the galaxy above,
Buckle up when push comes to shove,
When you push me away i don't budge,
Instead i talk to you till you blush.
Stay here,
In my heart, and memories, will always be near,
I'll take away your fears,
And bury them in joyous tears.
You take away the color in the world,
And put it on yourself when you twirl,
You show how majestic you are in every step,
Pure beauty is the only gang you rep.
You showed me the ropes,
But i showed you the future in our rifle scope,
You ascended among the stars saw you in my telescope,
Took away my pain so i wouldn't have to learn to cope,
If love were part of my finances I'd never be broke,
If love were life itself I'd be stoked.
If i were a lesson I'd be your greatest teacher,
If lov
:iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 1 5
My Dearest Love
Spirits come here to unite,
Lovers come here to soar high like a kite,
When they all come together all the lights become bright,
In my heart you art my only sight.
This love is our universe,
Our words are our own to converse,
Every word, in every language we speak will remain in every verse,
Our love is a tide that will never take the worse.
I time travel from place to place,
Here in the foot prints of the shoes we wore and the memories we laced,
Fortune tried to come between us but our love trumped it like an ace,
Even after all the years your kiss is lovely as it is sweet to the taste.
You were never a flower, because you never needed to bloom,
Every ex that passed on you must have been on the shroom,
Because thou art the reason I’m becoming a bridegroom,
The reason that I’m going from one bedroom to two or more bedrooms.
Life may move fast,
But I know you and I are built to last,
Being able to hang out with thee is always a blast,
Spending every moment with thee is my en
:iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 2 5
The Poet's Place
Don’t live life looking in the rear view,
Look ahead for the preview,
My life is not thine to swindle,
But our own to kindle.
Make my own premieres,
Live like I’m unkillable like Tyrndamere,
Every moment passes,
And with it every possible timeline collapses.
Beat the rush,
Paint thy own world with thy own brush,
Live for that other person’s touch,
And find a love that becomes your clutch.
Darkness is all around,
Yet livelihood can be heard like a surround sound,
Don’t let fear bind thee down,
Don’t be afraid to unleash thy aspirations and inspirations hidden in the stone of thy crown!
Make your own island,
Remote yourself to the media’s quicksand,
Isolate yourself away from society’s brand,
Live free on thy own land.
Say what you will,
For that mess is thy own spill,
I write to keep it real,
To prove my poetry is thought provoking and surreal.
I may never become famous,
My words may never be echoed,
But my poems will remain,
My writings will be
:iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 1 3
Nothing Ever Changes
The truth is supposed to sail,
Yet it is hushed and never prevails,
The utmost fail,
To our society who message again and again has been mailed.
We view the world with closed minds,
Lose track of the time,
Live life as if it’s a crime,
And never see the full potential of our prime.
Instead we have race wars,
Count people we have had sex with as scores,
Are at each other’s throat with the most scorn,
And say the most veil words to cause pains similar to chemical burns.
People shut out love,
Call it make believe, even a dud,
Never bother to look above,
Only down in the mud.
Each day we grow our insecurities in our garden,
We would rather be egocentric than learn how to bargain,
Cause each other pain,
Instead of learn the other person’s terrain.
As a collective we have given up our hearts,
Sold our souls to play darts,
To aim for the middle and ignore all the other parts,
To succumb to society and forget how to make our own art.
Prices skyrocket,
Yet wages are deducted,
:iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 2 3
Grimreaper Poet
If poetry is dead,
Then call me Death himself,
My words will be my scythe,
With them I will bring change the world once deemed deceased.
It would not be the first time something died and came back to life,
The first time a fire burned bright,
The first time someone preached words that brought insight,
And let the world bleed from the inhabitants that used the knife.
We call ourselves a society,
Yet talent and hard work are looked over quietly,
Our words roll off softly,
And the cost of living becomes pricey.
Power corrupts,
Money makes the rich a succubus,
Everyone else becomes the souls to be taken away with suction cups,
Until they can be buried with all their lively possessions like King Tut.
My words may never reach out to many,
Maybe not even any,
But even if poetry is a dying art,
It will find life in me like an engine missing a vital part.
Yet no one ever asked me about my aim,
Why I keep writing regardless of the lack of fame,
Even if this profession does not generate income to
:iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 3 8
A Loving Truth
I love you,
If life were to discontinue,
What i miss most would be thou,
Because thee and i united by a vow.
I love you,
Even if the sky isn't blue,
Without thee i am without a clue,
If i were a ghost you would be my boo.
Step one, step two, skip a few,
Nothing is impossible even if the rules are screwed,
Even if the score wad skewed,
Nothing this world could offer would be more true.
You art the answer,
The ballerina, and i the dancer,
Us together is a never a disaster,
But the cure to relationship cancers.
We have everything to prove,
Because without each other we both lose,
Our emotions may bruise,
But eventually our relationship's beauty will find its own groove,
And be majestic and adventurous like a cruise!
:iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 1 0
Electrifying Moments
What’s the best thing you’ve ever learned to do?
Have you ever learned to love somebody out of the blue?
Has thy heart ever given you clues?
When you put it all together does it fit like your favorite shoe?
Do you know why people fall in love?
Because when fall somebody comes and catches you, like a pitch to a catcher’s glove,
Then when you’re caught they lift you above-
All the others who tried to find love’s cozy cove!
Life is fast when it kicks on the nos,
Too short for you not to be thy own boss,
If you find the right one, then you don’t have time to toss,
Make them important like not forgetting to floss!
Follow thine heart,
Don’t let love be a lost art,
Don’t live life like you’re missing a part,
Don’t leave opportunities behind like an item left in a grocery cart!
Count to ten,
Open thy eyes- let’s create a reality with this pen,
Make non-fiction from what everyone proclaimed was merely pretend,
Our souls are our o
:iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 2 9
Love that Echoes
Look into my eyes,
Hear me testify,
Listen to me clarify,
All the reasons I love, why I become mesmerized!
The way you wear your hair,
Regardless if up, down, or anywhere,
The way you look at me with an inventive dare,
The way you touch me when we kiss to cause a flare.
My heart is yours to keep close,
Your love is one I’ll never lose,
It fits like a shoe,
The more we talk the more I fall right into you.
Every day is one closer to you hearing my plea,
A reason to find the will to get down on one knee,
To hear me ask if you’ll marry me,
And if so it’ll last for eternity!
I feel you flowing inside my veins,
When I’m down you always hold the reigns,
Clear away all the rain,
And erase all my aching pain.
The future never is clear,
Until you’re standing near,
Take away all my insecure fears,
And weep only joyous tears.
Stay with me,
Make us complete,
Every expectation I’ll meet,
With me our love will never experience defeat.
From my first to last breath,
:iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 2 9
Mature content
Magic :iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 1 11
Starting a Wildfire
Fires burning,
Thy legs are turning,
Our sessions keep re-occurring,
The sounds you make are majestic like an angel soaring!
Orgasm, after orgasm,
Legs shaking with muscle spasms,
Burning hot like a fiery chasm,
I’ll forever love you and never them.
Face in the pillow,
Rock thy body back and forth like the wind upon a willow,
Mouth all over, tongue down under, your juices to be swallowed,
Inside you is magnificently soft, and never hallow.
Make you feel sexy,
Because your body is so catchy,
Take you for a ride like a taxi,
Then let you drive like you’re the cabby.
Show you the ropes,
Nude on the coast,
Sex the best- have to boast,
Turn the air on because our bodies heat up like an oven’s roast.
When we have sex,
You always wonder what position I’ll put you in next,
I’m the pitcher and you’re the catcher getting ready for my changeup pitch that’ll you’ll definitely catch,
Bodies keep flipping like cards trying to find a match!
I have the p
:iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 1 11
A Treasure Worth Every Measure
When I’m with you I’m restored,
Every memory we make is one to be stored,
You’re my goal and I always score,
Every moment with you is enticing, never a bore.
When you lay down in my bed,
You never worry about thoughts in my head,
Because you’re the book I always want to open up and read,
Keep it steady from here out, I’ll be thy steed.
All thy negative emotions are mine to reap,
Thy tears will no longer be yours to weep,
Instead every time our lips meet is the feeling you keep,
When you’re worrying, stressed, or even scared, I’ll be the one to rock you till you fall asleep.
Our relationship is ours to maintain,
In history our love will be an eternal stain,
So majestic others will want to train,
Yet that’d be impossible because every day is ours to gain.
Together we’ll stay,
We will shine brighter than any solar flare ray,
Historically our love will be in poetry only to be on display,
Read again and again to highlight our replays.
:iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 1 6
The Cost of Never Being Lost
Forget the man I use to be,
Left behind the life I use to lead,
Don’t know what to believe,
Blind because of the future I cannot see!
Made decisions without hesitation,
Everyone looked to me with anticipation,
Always looked for the road to redemption,
Yet to everyone else I never found salvation!
My life is filled with aftershock,
Yet I never rewinded the clock,
Hide myself from the world behind every rock,
Even then people waste my time when they don’t understand and only mock.
People view me as soft,
Try to lay on me like a cozy loft,
Yet I always smile because my pain is my own to be lost,
No matter the negativity my happiness is my pursuit no matter the cost.
:iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 1 3
If I lost everything,
Then I’d be nothing,
Walked over without a care,
Looking out the window with only a blank stare.
All this potential overlooked,
All these pathetic words become taxing, and frankly I’m over booked,
Attacked because of the role I took,
Chastised- yet I never shook.
Tear me down,
You’ll never see the smile behind my frown,
The hurt I bear wearing this crown,
The tears I weep without auditing a sound.
:iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 1 6


Little Iron Man by ftPics Little Iron Man :iconftpics:ftPics 1,832 135 On that day humanity received a grim reminder by LadyGT On that day humanity received a grim reminder :iconladygt:LadyGT 33,193 2,776
You're stumbling around in the dark while trying to see where you are
and at the same time, you're wondering where that shining light
at the end of the tunnel everyone's ever told you about could be.
Trying to understand your surroundings, you reach out;
but you touch nothing but thin air. Yet, you continue.
And so, you grope mindlessly for something, anything, yet
you haven't managed to find anything to grab onto.
At first, you weren't afraid of the darkness that surrounded you,
because everyone had said that you'd come out of it before you knew it -
much like they had - but after walking as if you had worn a blindfold on for far too long,
you start fearing the pitch black void that has swallowed you whole.
Yet you force yourself to keep going. Because it couldn't last forever.
It just couldn't.

So you run.
You run and run and run, but you don't feel like you're going anywhere
and now your feet ache and hurt for all it's worth. Your legs
:iconfairyguardian23:FairyGuardian23 6 10
You can be you.
You call me strange
You call me insane
You refuse to acknowledge me
For fear that I will bring you down.
I can accept that
But just so you know: I couldn't care less 
So what if I'm strange and insane?
At least I live my life
You can't say the same 
You should accept that
What's so great about being sane?
All your creativity dies
What's so wrong with being me?
At least I'll be acknowledged as an individual
You are nothing but a copycat

Your clothes show a sense of fashion
Big whoop-dee-doo
My clothes say I don't care what others say
I can live without being accepted
But you must conform to society
I am comfortable in my skin
I can wear whatever I want
I need no eyes on me
I live my own life
But you sure as hell don't 
You simply must look like everyone else
You have to be accepted
But ask your self this one question
And I'll leave you alone

Why be accepted as a clone, instead of who you truly are?
The only
:iconwaltzingmatildabae:Waltzingmatildabae 4 10
Hope for the Hopeless Romantic
Fragile and hopeless
As a beautiful lily
You claim yourself to be
Hopeless romantics we indeed are
We long for the best
Pray for no mess
The years to share with our
Beloved future spouses
From what I've observed
You look at the actions of love
I cannot see where your eyes
on what side of your face
I, however, can sense
Your deep longing for being
Able to provide protection for
The one whom you could share your passion
And dreams with
You long for a Juliet
I thirst for a kind Romeo
The Shakespearean characters
Who felt such a deep longing
For each others' souls
Your prose is nothing short of phenomenal
The poetry of an inspired artist
Who is inspired by others
Most importantly inspired by God
And all He provides for us
Even when we don't deserve it
So Gracious is He
What luck do I have
That I meet a beautiful fellow
One as kind as yourself
Your tender heart shows
With every reply to our comments
Surely it must be made from gold
Melded into the most rarest
And greatest of all jewelry
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 12 8
Love Haiku
A love story of my own
Is a story not often told
My own romance I crave
Love no play could portray
A novel no one could tell
I think that's when I know I'm in love...
When no book I read could tell
When no manga has yet to perceive
When no movie could perform out
When no play could portray
That, my future love,
Is when I know I have found you...
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 8 8
Gollum by Ashtino Gollum :iconashtino:Ashtino 1 0 Dis by Ashtino Dis :iconashtino:Ashtino 4 2 Thrain and Thror by Ashtino Thrain and Thror :iconashtino:Ashtino 2 0 Tauriel by Ashtino Tauriel :iconashtino:Ashtino 2 0 Radagast the Brown by Ashtino Radagast the Brown :iconashtino:Ashtino 1 0 Bard by Ashtino Bard :iconashtino:Ashtino 2 0
Humbled by your honesty,
saying it how you see it,
such resolve, 
a set pace,
a sullen mask to cover a worn out face.

He'd pull you through hell and back if you'd asked,
he'd bear the weight of any burden,
hurting but loyal to the marrow,
he'd nurse the tiniest sparrow.

Giants can get mad,
rage is all that is left,
universe of betrayal,
storms can get brewing,
darkness spewing.

Two faces of an angel I once heard a wise man say,
one the depths of hate,
other sheer force of love beyond this place,
either comfortably worn with utter aplomb and grace.

Perfect balance of the duel between rise and fall,
digging through those trenches,
heart so brave,
you're so beautiful whether glorious or depraved.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 14 0
Morph Me

Your influence roams my worlds,
beckons me from crypt and bog,
shyness dissipates and I am here before you,
take the dark,
soak up my light,
give me cloak of night.

Timidity is not my thing,
reasons I may repel may not be as your conclusions do dispel,
maybe I've been waiting,
for a good enough reason to respond to some baiting.

I'll morph before your eyes,
I am nowhere and everywhere,
but all you know is you feel free,
all you sense is I'm here before thee.

I can be so many things,
beauty and ugliness,
it can ease while it stings,
ability to shift and the hope it brings.

You make me want to open the box in which I reside,
musty air escapes sending dust towards the sky,
there before you and all,
it's the dawn of the butterfly.

:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 11 0
Against The Wall
I'm against the wall again
More and more people I know
Are giving in
To this particular sin every day
Am I going to be the only one
Who keeps her virtue
I'm not just someone that people can do
This desire always makes it way through my mind
Seems like I'm not going to be behind
In these earthly moves
Addicting are their grooves
It aches and throbs all over
Up, down and every inch is covered
My body barely screams out 'lover'
I can't escape no matter how hard I try
I feel so naughty it makes me want to cry
It feels like there's a chain wrapped around my neck
I feel like something's whipping me
I don't like this at all
It feels like I'm going to fall
I don't know if I love it
I don't know if I hate it
Do I want the movement in me
That aches and throbs in my body?
It's on the buildings and billboards
On tv, films and places very far
The act is even considered art
Why can it be such a hex?
You know what it is- He calls it sex
I try to run and I try to refrain
Its ready to burst in me the f
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 4 13
My Mind's Theater
A love story of my own
Is a story not often told
My own romance I crave
Love no play could portray
A novel no one could tell
Theatre, you may be my main home
That takes me in the deepest of fantasies
The darkest my mind could be
The addiction of intimate love slowly pulled out
Of my amusing yet confusing mind
My real life forgotten for an hour or two
Dreaming takes its toll and makes do
Placing me in that play or musical
Acting as they do on stage or behind camera
Gesturing to the audience my toy's desires
Playing with my emotions in scenes
While my inner turmoil runs haywire
Music plays the story of my life
Notes indicate my take on different “scenes”
I react to actors around me
Each of them with different tales to tell
None of their tales speaks what I want
Chemistry like Elphaba and Fiyero
Flirtatious like the Phantom and Christine
Catty like Munkustrapp and Demeter
Intimate silliness like Brick and Maggie
Grow old like Big Mama and Big Daddy
Lightness like the Prince an
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 4 12



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